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Did you join the Night's Watch? by zdrava Did you join the Night's Watch? :iconzdrava:zdrava 17 7 Rising of the Star by zdrava Rising of the Star :iconzdrava:zdrava 128 23 Two Trees of Valinor by zdrava Two Trees of Valinor :iconzdrava:zdrava 125 42 Gondolin by zdrava Gondolin :iconzdrava:zdrava 94 9 Fingolfin and Morgoth by zdrava Fingolfin and Morgoth :iconzdrava:zdrava 239 34 Door of Night by zdrava Door of Night :iconzdrava:zdrava 766 61 Helcaraxe by zdrava Helcaraxe :iconzdrava:zdrava 137 40 Thingol and Melian by zdrava Thingol and Melian :iconzdrava:zdrava 190 62 Rising of Earendil by zdrava Rising of Earendil :iconzdrava:zdrava 46 5 Manwe. Postcard by zdrava Manwe. Postcard :iconzdrava:zdrava 4 0 Yavanna. Postcard by zdrava Yavanna. Postcard :iconzdrava:zdrava 19 2 Elwing and Earendil by zdrava Elwing and Earendil :iconzdrava:zdrava 25 8 Three Rings. Bookmark by zdrava Three Rings. Bookmark :iconzdrava:zdrava 29 5 One Ring. Bookmark by zdrava One Ring. Bookmark :iconzdrava:zdrava 9 0 Vaire. Postcard by zdrava Vaire. Postcard :iconzdrava:zdrava 40 13 Glaurung and Nienor by zdrava Glaurung and Nienor :iconzdrava:zdrava 1,922 275 Ulmo and Tuor by zdrava Ulmo and Tuor :iconzdrava:zdrava 56 9 Luthien's dance by zdrava Luthien's dance :iconzdrava:zdrava 122 31 Dragon. Bookmark by zdrava Dragon. Bookmark :iconzdrava:zdrava 18 2 Elwing transformed into a bird by zdrava Elwing transformed into a bird :iconzdrava:zdrava 14 0 Carcharoth and Huan by zdrava Carcharoth and Huan :iconzdrava:zdrava 20 3 Nienna. Postcard by zdrava Nienna. Postcard :iconzdrava:zdrava 20 7 Orome. Postcard by zdrava Orome. Postcard :iconzdrava:zdrava 11 0 Aule. Postcard by zdrava Aule. Postcard :iconzdrava:zdrava 3 2